General Information

Where are you located?
128 Maryland Ave. Glendale, CA 91206

Does MGN Five Star Cinema have parking?
There is a Parking Structure on Maryland Ave. directly across the street from the theater’s entrance. We validate parking up to 4 hours for $1 in the cinema and Frame128 Restaurant.


How much are tickets?
$21 – $25
(Additional $3 for 3D showings)

What is included with my ticket?
Price includes popcorn, reserved seating in our luxury, fully-reclining, leather seats.

Can I purchase tickets in advance?
Advanced tickets may be purchased online or from the box office. Be sure to arrive early to sold out popular films as they do tend to generate longer lines.

What is the refund and return policy?
Please refer to our Terms And Conditions.

Can I reserve seats for large groups?
Yes, for large groups please contactcs@mgnfivestarcinema.com.

Dining and Lounge

Where can I order food?
In our restaurant Frame128, or in either of our two bars, the Red Lounge and Blue Lounge.  Also, you can or in-theater at anytime.

What is the protocol for ordering in-theater?
Each of our luxury seats is equipped with a call button that allows you to order at any time. You can also order before the movie starts at Frame128, or in either the Blue or Red Lounge.

Are reservations for the restaurant required?
Walk-ins are always welcome. However, for large groups a reservation is recommended.

Do you serve alcohol?
Yes, we have a wide variety of original cocktails, select wines, beer and hard liquor.

Is alcohol permitted during the film?
Yes, for 21 and older guests only.


Special Events

Is the theater available for private screenings?
To reserve an entire auditorium for your event, please contact by email at cs@mgnfivestarcinema.com.

What is the cost of theater rentals?
The cost of use depends on the time of day, number of attendees, date, and length of time. for more information please contact cs@mgnfivestarcinema.com

How many patrons can the theater accommodate?
We have 10 theaters that can hold from 30 to 104 people.

What is the process for screen advertising?
Our advertising department will be happy to coordinate screen advertising before a film.Please contact for details at cs@mgnfivestarcinema.com

If we have not answered your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: cs@mgnfivestarcinema.com